The 28-Day Thought Diet

Powerful New Book Outlines a Thought Diet to Regain Momentum for a Joy-Filled Year

Cheryl Anne and twenty-four co-authors share thoughts that have energized and inspired them with hopes to encourage others.


We have 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day. For the majority of people, up to 80% of these thoughts are negative. With failed New Year’s resolutions, the percentage of negative thoughts may be even higher.

The 28-Day Thought Diet encourages readers to choose thoughts that grow their life in a more fulfilling and joyful way. Each day, for 28 days, readers are prompted to choose a thought that energizes and supports their life.

Join Cheryl Anne and her co-authors, Christian Belz, Sandy Weaver Carman, Kristin Colier, Martha Forlines, Betty Humphrey Fowler, David Greer, Kelly Greer, Andy Greider, Patricia Hayes, Jim Hogan, Dr. Robin Kirby, Ginnie Faye Liman, Nanette Littlestone, Traci Long, Vanessa Lowry, Laura McGill, Tricia Molloy, Jennifer Moore, Monserrat del Carmen Pineda, Kathryn Sener, Sharon S. Smith, Mindy Strich, Jeanie Ward, and Kyle Young, on The 28-Day Thought Diet as Cheryl Anne writes, "We service others by loving ALLways.".

“I have imparted thousands of messages worldwide through readings as a psychic medium, served as a vessel through which Spirit communicates, and undertaken a lifelong exploration to understand the nature of Divine Mind and humankind. From this I believe we, as Spirit with Divine Mind, decide to enter into a human body with each and every incarnation for one reason, and one reason alone. There is merely one explanation why we, lifetime after lifetime, choose to cooperate in a co-creative experience. Yes, there is one reason why we wish to increase our individual and collective vibration, and merely one reason why we desire the highest good for all. That reason is to Love ALLways®—always, and in all ways." Cheryl Anne goes on to say, " All you have to do is co-create the experience with the Universe, and you too can live happily ever after!

Cheryl Anne McGill, RN, MBA, DD, MscD, is a life-partner, mother, grandmother, internationally renowned psychic medium, medical intuitive, radio host, motivational speaker, interfaith minister, educator, author, and advocate for human and animal rights. Born a spiritual medium, Cheryl Anne has over 50 years of experience conveying messages of love from those in other dimensions and educating those in body about death and dying, quantum physics, and spirituality.

The 28-Day Thought Diet ($14.95 + $4.95 S/H for US Orders; International Shipping varies), 160 pages, 6 x 9, paperback, ISBN:978-0-615-75388-1) is available here or by contacting Cheryl Anne by email at A PayPal account is not required to use the PayPal "Buy it Now" button to purchase The 28-Day Thought Diet. Anyone wishing to purchase the book may log on as a PayPal guest to use the service.

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February 26, 2013




Publishing Their


First Book


Kyle Young, Jeanie Ward, Cheryl Anne McGill and Andy Greider, joined with twenty-one other authors to publish their first book, The 28-Day Thought Diet. Hear how these first-time authors expect being published to impact their businesses. Did collaborating feel like a positive first step into the world of publishing? Find out what they learned through this process and if they plan to publish again. Vanessa Lowry, who developed the concept and gathered collaborators for this book, is hosting today’s show on  To listen to the show click on the link

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