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The Psychic Medium Who Got Ten Times More Positive Reviews Than Over 400 Psychics & Mediums

What I really enjoyed about my reading with Cheryl Anne McGill is that she's equally gifted as both a psychic AND a medium. This means that she can obtain information about your health, your job/career, your relationships, your finances and even your future, which is the psychic part; and, with equal ability, she can also communicate with your deceased loved ones in spirit, which is the medium part. This is tremendously beneficial if you don't know what type of reading will help you most. ~ Bob Olson

I am honored with the privilege to tell you about a psychic medium whom I know you are going to love. Her name is Cheryl Anne McGill. And there is an interesting story about how I discovered this latest addition to my personal list of recommended psychic mediums, otherwise known as my “Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums” list. It’s a story that says a lot about the character of this woman who is so extraordinarily gifted.

I first became aware of Cheryl Anne when she was approved for my online resource called (which is not the same as my resource). Although this new directory was NOT intended  to list the psychic mediums whom I PERSONALLY recommend (like the website you are on now), I founded that directory so that the public could leave reviews about the psychic mediums who gave them THEIR best readings.

What makes this story interesting is that I only allow positive reviews on that directory. My father always told me, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all,” which is the premise upon which my work in this field is founded. This is why, after having personally tested hundreds of psychic mediums around the world, I only write about my BEST experiences, rather than criticize and condemn those whose readings I did not like. So this was my intention for the directory when I created it—for the public to submit reviews about their best readings with the psychics and psychic mediums who are listed there.

I also knew that this system of positive reviews would make it simple for people to choose a psychic medium. For instance, if there are two psychic mediums listed for a particular state and one has 25 great reviews and the other has only 3, most people will choose the psychic medium with more positive reviews. It’s not easy to get people to write good things about you, so the more positive reviews you get as a psychic or psychic medium, the more credibility you have.

Well, soon after I launched that directory, the positive reviews began coming. Yet they trickled in rather slowly. After about a year, some of the psychics and psychic mediums listed had a handful of reviews on their page, but not nearly as many as I had expected when I created the site.


One year later, Cheryl Anne McGill came onto the directory. What I noticed rather quickly was that a whole bunch of reviews were coming in for her, especially in comparison to everyone else. In fact, Cheryl Anne was getting more positive reviews than ANY other psychic or psychic medium on the entire site. And when I say more, I mean a LOT more than anyone else—more than 10 times the amount.

Since I have to approve each of these reviews before they are published online, I read each and every one of them. And since there were so many positive reviews for Cheryl Anne McGill, I actually became suspicious, which is my nature due to my background as a private investigator. I asked myself why this one psychic medium was getting so many raving reviews when most everyone else on the directory got only a few (if they got any at all). So I began contacting some of the people who left reviews about Cheryl Anne to verify their legitimacy.

Thanks to my prior career as a private investigator, I have interview skills that allow me to tell when a person is being truthful and when a person is being dishonest. I quickly learned that each of these reviewers were legitimate clients of Cheryl Anne McGill’s and absolutely loved their readings with her. In fact, they were more than just excited about their readings; they were outright grateful for the messages she provided.

Moreover, the praises that Cheryl Anne’s clients had about their readings with her consistently referred to her amazing accuracy (I heard this a lot), high integrity, deep compassion, unwavering professionalism and excellent communication. Here’s how people described these characteristics in my contact with them and in their reviews:

ACCURACY: People said she got names, dates and personality characteristics, as well as facts about past events and details about people, places and things in their lives that Cheryl Anne McGill could never have known.

INTEGRITY: People said she didn’t ask questions, made sure they understood the messages she conveyed, and even admitted when she couldn’t answer one of their questions.

COMPASSION: People referred to her as caring, kind-hearted, sympathetic, encouraging, nurturing and gentle.

PROFESSIONALISM: People liked that she delivered messages in a straightforward manner, conveyed information with sensitivity, recorded the reading if they wanted it recorded, and was both reliable and on time.

COMMUNICATION: People said she was easy to understand, explained things carefully, made sure that they grasped what she was telling them, and even spelled out how she works before she began.

So this was my introduction to Cheryl Anne McGill. And, week after week, I had more positive reviews about her to approve.  Finally, a year after approving all these reviews, I was ready to test Cheryl Anne. I began by checking into her background and verifying her reputation as a trustworthy psychic medium. Once this was complete, I was intrigued to see for myself if I would agree with what all these reviewers had claimed.

At the time that I chose to test her, the average number of positive reviews for most psychics and psychic mediums on my directory was less than 10. In fact, on a directory of more than 500 psychics and psychic mediums, hundreds actually had no reviews at all. Cheryl Anne McGill had more than 100. This was a mind-blowing phenomenon in itself.

It’s important that I tell you, too, that I require every reviewer to include both their first and last name with their review. As a result, it’s much more difficult to get someone to submit a review on my directory. All the same, in less than a year, over 100 of Cheryl Anne’s clients were willing to submit their reviews with their full names alongside them, which adds a great deal of credibility. And more reviews keep coming in every week.


It was time for me to test Cheryl Anne McGill for myself. Like most of the psychic psychic mediums who have passed my test, she was confident yet a little nervous about giving me a reading. A little nervousness is certainly understandable considering all the psychic mediums I’ve tested. But, even more, it tells me something about the person behind the gift. To me, a little nervousness is a sign of humility, which I’ve found to be a positive quality in psychic mediums. I like when practitioners are confident yet humble, as opposed to arrogant and cocky. Modesty makes a psychic medium approachable and fun. Cheryl Anne was all of these—confident, modest, approachable and fun.

I also liked that Cheryl Anne’s mindset is that her ability comes from a Higher Source, which is where she gives all the credit for her gift. Not once during my reading—or even later in my lengthy interview with her—did I recognize any hint that she uses her psychic medium abilities in order to feed her own ego. Her focus is on helping her clients. This was evident in the directory reviews people wrote about her and in my own reading with her.

Once we got started, Cheryl Anne began my reading like she had turned on a movie about me. It was apparent that she was learning things about me as the reading unfolded. She opened with an accurate statement about a particular skill I have, which is something that I have never revealed to anyone. Not even my closest friends and family members know about this skill of mine, but Cheryl Anne was fully aware of it.

She was fittingly surprised, like anyone would be if they were just told about someone’s special skill, and she responded by saying, “Wow! You are much more skilled in this area than you share or admit,” and then she went on to give me precise details about it, all of which were spot on.

When she was done with that message, Cheryl Anne then switched directions and told me, “You have numbers all around you. They (spirit) are moving the numbers in and then away, which I interpret as having something to do with decisions that you’re making about your career. I see you writing down numbers on paper, trying to make this decision.”

This, too, was both accurate and current, as I had just been making a financial decision regarding my career and trying to figure out the financial logistics of it. I was actually writing figures down in a notebook, adding things up, scratching things out and writing out more numbers.

Days before my reading, I was thinking about leasing office space and, therefore, listing the costs for rent, utilities and insurance. I was also weighing these expenditures with the new earnings the space would allow me due to the fact that it is large enough to offer classes and workshops there, thereby saving me the expense of renting hotel conference rooms. So I was doing a lot of adding and comparing to see if it made more sense to lease this office space than to rent hotel conference rooms.

Cheryl Anne then told me, “People will soon be coming to you personally with their physical, mental and financial challenges. You will be providing them with the tools and resources to help them to help themselves. It’s not a question of IF you will do this, but rather HOW you will meet everyone’s needs.”

Again, this was entirely true. More impressive was the fact that only a few close friends knew I would be doing this. I had recently made the decision to begin seeing clients privately as a Spiritual Growth Facilitator. This is what originally sparked my interest in leasing an office. After years of people asking if I would be willing to work with them privately via hourly sessions, I finally decided to do it.

Now people who come to me needing spiritual tools, guidance, resources or support in order to overcome a crisis, accelerate their spiritual growth, process the details of a reading, session or regression, or find an increased sense of happiness and inner peace in their life will have a way to work with me one-on-one, either by phone or by coming to my office (which I have now leased and am currently using).

This was a service I never offered before, yet Cheryl Anne McGill, a psychic medium whom I had never spoken to before this reading and who lives more than 1000 miles away from me, knew I would soon be offering it. This was impressive stuff.

These messages were especially noteworthy because they included a combination of recent past events and future predictions. And these were future predictions that came true within days of the reading.

Some psychic mediums are good at recent past events. Other psychic mediums are good at future predictions. But it’s a difficult task to pull off both while still remaining accurate—and conveying them in the same message. Cheryl Anne shined at both and then moved forward in the reading to show me that she’s equally as gifted at spirit communication (mediumship).

Whenever I test psychic mediums, my father (who is in spirit) always shows up in my readings. And since I’ve written about many of these readings, the psychic mediums I test are now required to tell me something about my father that I have never been told by any other psychic medium, which means something I have never written about. That’s a pretty difficult task for both the psychic medium and my father (since he is required to deliver the message).

Cheryl Anne McGill passed this test with amazing brilliance by describing the last days of my father’s life and giving me information about his final days that no other psychic medium has given me. She was able to tell me things about his illness that only three other people in this world know.

Then she described something that my father was wearing in the hospital that was unique to him. I give credit to my father, too, as this was a detail that proved Cheryl Anne’s amazing ability to communicate with spirits. It was not an easy message to understand; yet she understood it and conveyed it to me with incredible clarity. Kudos to her AND my father for pulling that off.


At this point, believe it or not, we were only a quarter of the way through the reading. I won’t give you the details of all the other messages Cheryl Anne gave me, as there were many, but I will give you a brief outline of what she covered in bullet format:

Cheryl Anne described a discussion that I had with my wife, Melissa, the day before this reading, and she knew exactly what we were talking about. She also gave me advice from my father regarding this discussion, which was to listen to Melissa because she knew what she was talking about. Cheryl Anne then expanded upon that message according to what my father communicated to her and even used some of the same words my father used to use when he was alive. It was as if my father was right there giving me advice.

Cheryl Anne told me about a physical problem that someone in my life will be having and, in order to describe it, she related it to a physical problem that my grandmother had when she was alive. Once again, this was impressive because Cheryl Anne was talking about the future while also referring to the past. I also knew that she was probably right about the future prediction since the person she described was already experiencing minor symptoms. And everything she told me about my grandmother’s physical symptoms before she died was factual.

Cheryl Anne told me about something I would be doing in the future to help children. What’s interesting about this is that several other psychic mediums have given me the same prediction. However, Cheryl Anne took it to a new level with a great deal more detail than I’d ever been told and what she described resonated as a likely outcome of the direction my life has taken. At least now, with all the detail she provided, I’ll recognize the event if it happens.

Cheryl Anne talked about how my father helps me with my work, specifically in the area of discerning who to trust and who not to trust. She explained how he does this from the spirit world, which resonated as true for me. I knew some spiritual guide was helping me in this way. Now I know who to thank for it.

Cheryl Anne also talked about something my father taught me when he was alive, and told me exactly how he taught it to me. Not only did she repeat the same words he once told me, but she also knew how his teaching affected my life (he served more as an example of what NOT to do versus what I should do). This was really cool stuff.

Cheryl Anne also told me things about myself of a personal nature. It was like she reached down into my soul and pulled out my greatest assets, fears and life issues. Then, she also knew about aspects of myself that really needed attention, which were both true and identical to things my wife has suggested to me more than once. What makes this special is that my wife has known me for over 30 years while Cheryl Anne and I were only speaking for the first time this day.

In spite of all the helpful information that Cheryl Anne McGill had given me in my reading, there was still time for me to ask questions, so I asked her a question about a loved one’s health and about a business deal. She was able to give me comprehensive answers regarding both questions. And that is how we ended the reading.


What I really enjoyed about my reading with Cheryl Anne is that she is equally gifted as both a psychic and a medium. This means that she can obtain information about your health, your job/career, your relationships, your finances and even your future, which is the psychic part; and, with equal ability, she can also communicate with your deceased loved ones in spirit or spirit guides, which is the medium part. While this is impressive in itself, it’s also tremendously beneficial since we don’t always know what is more important to us—a psychic reading or spirit communication. With Cheryl Anne, you don’t have to choose.

What’s even more remarkable is that I’ve been testing psychics and psychic mediums for more than a decade now (since 1999), so my standards for what makes a psychic or psychic medium extraordinary are so high that few have a chance of passing anymore. Therefore, for me to praise Cheryl Anne’s psychic AND mediumship abilities is a rare compliment indeed. One has to be truly exceptional to get my recommendation for either one. I highly recommend her for both.

Having now tested Cheryl Anne McGill as not only genuine and legitimate but also extraordinary and outstanding, I regret having waited so long to test her. Nonetheless, I now understand why her clients love her so much as to flood her directory page with raving reviews. And now this is mine.

Cheryl Anne McGill gives readings to anyone around the world. You can
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Warmest regards,

Bob Olson founder
& Magazine editor


My name is Cheryl Anne McGill.  I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister as well as, a professional, full-time, International Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Healer, and Teacher with over 25 years experience.  Being born a Psychic Medium, the 'knowing' was so natural to me that I truly believed everyone saw, felt, and knew the same things I did, only to discover, as an early teen, they did not.

I believe we each have the ability to tap into the universal knowing on an intuitive level, and as such, I work one-on-one with individuals to assist them to develop intuitive and psychic skills.

I know I am guided by a higher power, and am merely an instrument of that power used to deliver messages through clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear sensing) means.

Apart from providing readings and intuitive training as a full-time International Professional Psychic Medium, I am a Registered Nurse, and have a degree as an Assaulted Women and Children Counselor Advocate, a Masters of Business Administration, a Doctor of Divinity, and a Doctor of Metaphysics.

I possess knowledge and a clear understanding of the importance of integrity, professionalism, and strict standards of confidentiality. This knowledge and understanding was gleaned from many years of education and training as well as, from professional experience in healthcare and in business.

As a Medical Intuitive, I feel medical conditions within and around my body. These conditions may pertain to the client or to someone the client knows. I have also had this 'knowing' my entire life. However, I stress I am not a Medical Doctor.  I urge each client to consult a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns he/she may have.

Please feel free to use my Blog Forum to share lovingly and openly. I welcome your feedback, and encourage your participation as we each learn from, and teach one another about Spiritual and Psychic Realms.

I pray our experience is one of light and love. I hope to take you with me as we discover answers to the questions you seek, and will be honored to share in your journey as you gain your own Insight Beyond Sight. Let's begin...

Love ALLways,

Cheryl Anne