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DNA, Developing Natural Alignment of Your Chakras Using Mind, Body & Spirit™

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DNA, Developing Natural Alignment of your Chakras using Mind, Body, and Spirit™ - MP3 file of CD.

On this CD Cheryl Anne includes the physiology of the human body within each chakra, as she gently leads you through a guided imagery meditation. Cheryl Anne teaches you to align your chakras using Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please note that Cheryl Anne sends the MP3 version the CD electronically herself.  It is not an automatic send upon purchase.  Although Cheryl Anne does her best to send the file the same day of purchase there may be a delay of up to 3 business days.  Please add to your Address Book to ensure delivery. 

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Developing Your Mind's Eye Seminar with Cheryl Anne

We are pleased to announce that Cheryl Anne is now offering 'Developing YourMind's Eye Seminar'.

Developing Your Mind's Eye Seminar consists of four parts. Each student will move through the full seminar at his/her own pace. Cheryl Anne will work one-on-one with each student to set individual goals and objectives for completion.

There is no set time period for a student to complete the full program. A student will move on to the next level when he/she is ready to move ahead based on individual progress evaluation. Classes in the seminar are 1.5 hours in length. The class is a lecture forum delivered via telephone, coupled with a PowerPoint Presentation. There is also time allotted for questions and answers.

You will work with Cheryl Anne as you learn to assess, plan to use, and implement of your newly found psychic abilities.

The four classes in the seminar may be purchased individually, if desired, at a cost of $200.00 each. If you purchase the entire  seminar in one transaction, you will enjoy a savings of $125.00 less than purchasing the classes individually.

The classes are as follows:

I. Assessing Your Intuitive Ability
II. Planning to Use Your Intuitive Ability
III. Implementing Your Intuitive Ability
IV. Final Evaluation of Intuitive Ability

Students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon completion of each class and at completion of the full Seminar. The Certificate of Completion is awarded for having completed each component of the seminar and in no way is a guarantee from Cheryl Anne or Insight Beyond Sight, LLC that the student has become more intuitive for having completed the Seminar.

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